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Biography – Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main on June 12, 1929 as Annelies Marie Frank, the daughter of Otto and Edith Frank.


August 1933 After the Nazis come to power in Germany, her father Otto Frank emigrates from Frankfurt am Main to Amsterdam.
1934 Anne Frank, her mother and sister Margot Frank follow their father and husband to Amsterdam.
From 1934 Anne Frank attends the Montessori school and then the Jewish Lyceum.
1940 German troops march into the Netherlands.
1942 More stringent measures come into force against the Jewish population in the Netherlands.
June 12, 1942 Anne Frank celebrates her 13th birthday. She is given an autograph album that she uses as a diary.
July 6, 1942 The Frank family go into hiding in the secret annex of Prinsengracht 263.
This is where Anne starts writing intensively in her diary. She writes about life in the secret annex and reveals her thoughts.
May 1944 Anne Frank edits her diary because she has decided to become a writer.
August 1, 1944 Last entry in the diary.
August 4, 1944 Betrayal, arrest and deportation of those in hiding.
August 8, 1944 Sent to Westerbork concentration camp (NL).
September 3, 1944 Anne Frank is deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp (PL) on the last transport from Westerbork.
October 28, 1944 Anne Frank is moved to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (D).
Early March 1945 Anne Frank dies of exhaustion and typhus. She is buried in one of the mass graves at Bergen-Belsen.

Further biographies

Otto Frank

As the sole survivor of the Frank family, Otto Frank devoted his life to spreading the message of his daughter Anne and her diary until his death in 1980.

Edith Frank

Edith Frank-Holländer was born in Aachen (Germany) on January 16, 1900. She was the wife of Otto Frank and the mother of Margot and Anne.

Margot Frank

Margot Frank was three years older than her sister Anne. After the war she wanted to emigrate to the Palestine of the time.