Anne's world

Anne Frank started writing in the confined space of the secret annex in Amsterdam where she and her family had gone into hiding from the Nazis. In addition to her world-famous diary, she also wrote stories based on her school days, when everything was still normal.
Anne Frank wanted to compile her fairy tales and stories into a proper book entitled "Tales and events from the secret annex, described by Anne Frank".
The earliest story in this collection is dated December 8, 1942 and the last one, "The Fairy", May 12, 1944. So she started writing stories at the age of 13 ½ and continued to do so until she was 15. She did not get any older. 

Anne Frank's collected stories are available in: Anne Frank Geschichten und Ereignisse aus dem Hinterhaus, published by Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, (2nd edition 2005) / Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annexe, published by Halban, London / Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annexe, published by Doubleday, New York.



The Guardian Angel (February 22, 1944)

Once upon a time, an old lady and her young grand-daughter lived for many years on the very edge of a large forest.


Give! (March 26, 1944)

Do any of those people in their warm and cosy living rooms have any idea what kind of life a beggar leads?


More about the diary


Anne Frank wrote her diary from June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944. There are various versions.

All about the diary

Over the year various plays and TV-productions arouse from the original diary. A selection.

Publishing houses

The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into more than 70 languages. Here is a list of publishing houses based on languages.