Givat Haviva / Israel

Givat Haviva was established in 1949 as a further training centre of the Ha’artzi Kibbutz Movement and is one of Israel's oldest and most prominent institutions campaigning for Jewish-Arab dialogue. In 1963, Givat Haviva created the Jewish-Arab Centre for Peace, which is managed on the basis of equal rights. Using the most varied activities and projects, the institution tries to live out and pass on fundamental values such as equal rights and the inviolability of human dignity. Civil equality between Arab and Jewish Israelis is the unalienable precondition for peace with the Palestinian people and all other Arab states. In addition to providing education about peace and courses to encourage the Arab minority, Givat Haviva has been dedicated for years to research into the Shoah, in particular the Jewish resistance and the history of Hashomer Hatzair. The campus contains an Arabic language institute, a centre for women and for gender studies, and the Institute for Peace Research.

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