Panatau children's home / Romania

The legacy of Ceausescu's devastating family policy in Romania is a dreadful situation with abandoned children. The small private home in the village of Panatau, about 100 km north-east of Bucharest, looks after children aged 8 to 20. Their parents want nothing more to do with them, cannot be traced, or are no longer alive. Before they found refuge in the home, these children lived in state-run children's homes or in hospitals. Many of the children are traumatised, and suffer from sleeping problems and behavioural disorders. For more than 20 years, the home has been run by qualified nurse Cornelia Fischer who grew up on the shores of Lake Zurich. The children are encouraged in numerous ways. For the first time in their lives they experience love and security and they are supported in both schooling and character development. Both their education and further training are guaranteed, creating the foundation for a better future.

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