Pukllasunchis Foundation / Peru

The Pukllasunchis Foundation Switzerland was established in 1993 to support the Asociación Pukllasunchis in Cusco (Peru). It takes its most important impulses from local culture and the main focus of its commitment is on those people who today are still pushed to the edges of society and discriminated against. With the opening of its model school in 1988, Pukllasunchis took an important first step towards educational organisation. Since 2001, Pukllasunchis has owned its own school facilities in Tikapata ("Place of Flowers") on the edge of the city of Cucso. In 2012, 780 children and teenagers aged between 4 and 17 attended the school in Tikapata. The subject "Quechua as a second language" is a key issue for Pukllasunchis. The aim is not only to learn Quechua, but also to use the language to include the Andean culture in the school.

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