Uckermark concentration camp memorial site initiative / Germany

The youth concentration camp for girls and young women in Uckermark was built in spring 1942 by use of forced labour by prisoners of the Ravensbrück women's concentration camp. In 1945, about 1000 girls and young women were imprisoned in the camp. A 1937 decree on the "preventive fight against crime" had made it possible to imprison any girls classed as antisocial. In January 1945, an extermination camp was built on the site for inmates from Ravensbrück and other concentration camps. About 5000 women had been killed there by April 1945. Today only little is known about the history of this concentration camp and, for many years, its inmates numbered among the "forgotten victims of persecution" of National Socialism and did not receive any public recognition. The initiative, set up by a network that has existed for more than ten years, has resulted in exhibitions, films, radio programmes and scientific publications. One declared goal of the network is to spread knowledge of the former youth concentration camp, to create a worthy memorial site, to strengthen an antifascist commemorative culture and to critically challenge state practices of remembering.

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