Anne Anne Frank, June 12, 1944
Anne geburt On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main as the second daughter of Otto Frank and Edith Frank-Holländer.
Anne kasten Anne Frank in the garden with her mother.
Anne margot Anne Frank with her sister Margot Frank.
Vater kinder Otto Frank with his daughters Margot and Anne Frank in 1930.
Otto Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank. He died at the age of 91 near Basel.
Anne spaziergang Anne Frank with her mother and sister on March 10, 1933 at the Hauptwache, a well-known square in the centre of Frankfurt am Main.
Elterbeach Anne Frank's parents on a journey to Italy shortly after their wedding.
Familiefrank The Frank family on July 16, 1941 on their way to the wedding of Miep Santrouschitz and Jan Gies.
Helfer Johannes Kleiman (left) and Victor Kugler, two of the helpers of those in hiding.
Hinterhaus zimmer 1 Anne and Margot Frank's room in the secret annex.
Tagebuch1 The diary that Anne was given for her 13th birthday.
Tagebuch Pages from the diary of Anne Frank.
Haus uebersicht This drawing shows what the secret annex looked like from the inside.
Buddy elias Berndt "Buddy" Elias, Anne Frank's cousin and President of the ANNE FRANK FONDS in Basel.